How are Chatbots Revolutionizing the Concept of Online Education?

The rapid advancement of technology has drastically changed our lives in a significant amount of ways. It has been observed that almost half of the population has completely relied on modern technologies to get their daily routine tasks completed easily and efficiently. For Instance, from ordering the food online to paying their bills using online wallet apps and taking online classes, all are encompassed in the various forms of the latest technologies. In the past few years, we have witnessed an immense shift from the conventional ways of education into the latest education methods.

chatbots revolutionizing the concept of online education

This pandemic led to the physical closure of educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, and the overall educational process has shifted towards the online mode of education. According to the reports, most educationists have indicated that the unfortunate closure of campuses has significantly affected the students’ academic progress and learning capabilities. Seemingly, the parents are also worried about their children’s future and are looking for an equal and effective solution that can distract them from the overall learning process.

For Example, Today, the leading LMS plugins for the WordPress platform are heavily impacting online education via the lifterLMS, LearnDash, Edivently plugins that offer a complete LMS suite for both tutors and students to get the benefit of learning from home and distinct places in the form of virtual classrooms. Also, the gamification tactics involved in the myCred LearnDash, myCred lifterLMS addons provokes students with game-based elements to keep them engaged and motivated in the overall learning process within the virtual classroom environment.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-based programs that can simulate communication or a chat with an agent or user in natural language via messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or smartphones. The concept of chatbots is widely popular in the digital marketing and eCommerce industry; if you are seeking to shop for your favorite attire or order your favorite food, it seems nothing wrong. There is a higher level of chances for chatbots to solve your problems.

Although, in the modern era, the demand for chatbot development resources and services providers has drastically rapidly increased in the eLearning industry. The people involved in the eLearning app development are looking to integrate AI-based chatbots to make their learning experience more interactive and personalized simply and intuitively.

According to recent reports, it has been observed that over 85% of customer interaction will be controlled via chatbots by 2022. Hence, the benefits of chatbots are increasingly well-recognized in marketing tactics and beyond, with the advantages of saving both time and resources via optimizing the overall operational process and automating the key tasks, and creating positive consumer exposures.

Applications & Use Cases of Chatbots in Online Education? 

The following are the certain ways by which chatbots can be simply used to overcome the problems caused by the pandemic situation to the educational institutes:

Simplifies the Enrollment Procedure

The entire enrollment process can become simple and easier with chatbots. You can also use the bots to answer the most common queries made to the new year students each year. They’ll inquire about the universities’ campus, amenities, scholarships, benefits, and the application procedure.

Chatbots can also help students with relative concerns, including registration and login access to the online platforms, along with addressing their problems. It will include that the new class of students along with the relative ease on the campus.

Provides Omnichannel Support

Most people don’t like to be kept waiting, and they expect an instant response to their questions and queries. Hence, if you want to incorporate automated student-based support solutions seems to be quite important if you want to meet the overall expectations of the young professionals. By using the AI-enabled chatbots, you can simply automate their regular interactions and provide instant support 24/7 a day and seven days a week.

At the universities, these chatbots can also be used as an extra layer of communication. They can respond to usual student questions and rapidly increase complicated issues to your staff members. As it will seamlessly interact with the users, the bot learners can handle more complicated questions and situations over time.

Builds a Decision-Making Learning Environment

AI-based chatbots are transforming the way how students learn and adopt information. The universities may not produce a custom learning environment for their students via Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Mining.

The chatbots can assist instructors in reaching, teaching, and providing counseling to their students immediately, answering the student queries and assisting them in learning faster. They also make it quite easy to share comments in a fun and engaging way.

By evaluating how the students respond, you can easily design an online tutoring solution that can provide a seamless learning experience. The chatbots can access each student’s level of understanding daily and offer the forthcoming experiences accordingly.

Collect Students Information 

The universities can also use the bots to collect the data from their students to analyze, interpret and understand more about their privileges and how they interact with your digital platforms and website services. It can leverage you in determining the areas where you need to improve to enhance their experience in a well-defined manner.

For Instance, if many students want to learn more about a specific topic, you can easily create a new web page to deliver that particular information. Also, if the students have trouble finding a particular portion of your website, you can simply utilize that information to improve their navigation patterns.

Helps Students in Making Wise Decisions

The students frequently worry about choosing the best job choices. They want to be sure that they’re selecting the appropriate course as per their academic interests, financial prospects, and prospective career opportunities.

Furthermore, students can choose another option if significant colleges provide the courses they want to attend. Also, the universities can use chatbots to hire and engage students who are more involved in their courses.

Likewise, the students can use the AI-enabled chatbots to direct them to particular web pages, watch courses in explanation videos and make better decisions and judgments. Also, chatbots can redirect students to their interests via well-explanatory conversation methods. It may help institutions to secure more course registration and increase the rate of admissions and entries.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, chatbots can help universities save their time and cost by helping the admissions and student fellowships. Also provides automatic access to the information and helps students and tutors get engaged with a chatbot implemented in the learning management system that will help you improve the online learning process efficiently and effectively.