LMS Industry Through the Lens of Stats (Trends & Insights)

Since the LMS’s popularity has grown, several firms have begun to think about making the switch. Quite a few businesses have chosen and installed their own LMS. Moreover, some people, mainly start-ups or solopreneurs, are interested in the LMS but unsure how to get started. For not-so-sure people, LMS Stats can be a perfect recipe.

LMS Trends and Stats

If we do deep, every company that wants to embrace learning and development in the 21st century must live and breathe LMS. We have jotted down some notable figures from recent studies and papers to support what we are saying. But first, understand what LMS is:

Learning Management System (LMS) – The Concept

To comprehend what an LMS is, let’s use a business scenario that wants to offer sales force training resources. The ultimate objective is to prepare the team for the forthcoming product launch. A business or brand can produce documentation, presentations, quizzes, and certificates using the course builder feature of an LMS. After preparing the course and making it available, students can access the learning material by logging into their personal LMS accounts.

The employee can finish the related tests or quizzes after completing the training. If they pass those tests, they will receive a certificate attesting to their thorough training and possession of the necessary product expertise. The LMS preserves records of each participant who completes the course. The platform administrators can access those records to see who has completed the course and who might need more assistance or training.

Statistics on LMS


LMS Market is Anticipated to be Worth as Much as $29 billion By the Year 2026

This is among the most alarming LMS stats for any business that believes LMS platforms are a fad. This is a new way to learn for businesses across different sectors. It needs to be unconditional acceptance too.

Thankfully, you have options for businesses irrespective of size, including adaptable LMS platforms that enable you to stay competitive and guarantee that the staff has access to fruitful learning and development resources.

Today, you can get two top-notch learning management platforms. One is cloud-based, and the other is software-based. Although the former is significantly more agile, cost-efficient, and scalable, it is not always the best option to suit every situation. Discuss scaling and selecting the ideal solution for your firm with your LMS provider.

The Elearning Market Globally Anticipates Growth to Cross $370 billion by 2026

This is one of the most eye-opening LMS trends in 2022. Businesses must realize that they cannot survive without a proper LMS system. eLearning is here to stay, as seen by the industry’s financial health. To give what today’s employees desire is to create a new normal in corporate culture. Even in the SMB world, companies must embrace the greatest eLearning and training materials they can discover. In essence, people who ignore LMS statistics will be left behind in the race for growth.

By 2021, 98% Of Large Companies In The United States Would Have Implemented An LMS

The percentage is humongous in the context of overall LMS stats. Today, it’s not just small businesses that have failed to instill learning management systems. These usually include small businesses or single-member company operations, etc. Larger organizations can afford to adopt the efficient, exciting training provided by a modern LMS, giving their staff more significant learning and development resources. While there are still millions of small businesses that have not used LMS systems, millions of them do.

Keeping LMS stats and LMS trends in view, take a leaf out of the major firms’ books and invest in an LMS as soon as possible. This is a requirement for enterprises that want to provide the best applicant and employee experience. People have higher expectations of everyone else as a result of leaders like Google and Facebook, who are reinventing the employment experience.

LMS – The Keyword is Searched by More than 8,000 persons on Google Every Month

Another significant LMS trend is 2022 in today’s digital era. The rate of Google searches rises to more than 100,000 times per month when related terms like “LMS” are added. People are eager to learn about the LMS, which proves this LMS statistic.

Some businesses and brands are attempting to carve out a way to implement an LMS system. They are looking to make adjustments or stay updated with the learning management system news. Some businesses entail staff members attempting to educate themselves on these solutions and what they have to offer. Many others go for additional searches for varied personal and professional reasons.

The key idea is that the LMS is given tremendous consideration. The above stat shows that businesses want to continue seeing staff retention and growth. They must focus intensely on providing the employees with the system’s needs.

Moreover, high search LMS stats imply that businesses can no longer claim ignorance of the LMS market or the best ways to apply current technologies. All the information somebody might ever require is available, as demonstrated by a quick Internet search.

There Are Nearly 300 LMS Platforms That Have Verified Reviews From G2 – A Leading Platform For Software Reviews

Due to various platforms to sort through while making the switch, this LMS stat may be overwhelming for quite a few. However, others view it as evidence that any firm might actually benefit from an LMS solution. Cloud-based LMS solutions, industry-specific platforms, and various additional choices are available. A white label solution for LMS tailor-able to a company’s brand and appearance can be a game-changer for businesses.

Businesses can learn management systems for corporate employees’ development, specialized industries, business models, and corporate education. Every platform has a collection of features that span from pre-made to custom content and beyond. A thoughtful LMS allows organizations to customize the platform and determine how quickly they want their employees to complete learning through the LMS.

Pandemic Played a Huge Role in Populating LMS

The COVID-19 pandemic was a significant factor behind these LMS stats. People had no option but to alter their behavior due to the circumstances they found themselves in. This stamped the fact that if businesses wanted to continue functioning and prevent losing staff, they had to use digital tools like the LMS sooner. Even though the eLearning sector was seeing a boom, it started to bring exponential results to meet the needs of millions of students and workers sent home.

Final Words

A learning management system is a blessing and a fast track to improving learning in a corporate environment. Keeping the LMS stats in front allows any business to devise a perfect strategy for employees’ learning. The only LMS trends that organizations need to be concerned about are those that relate to the improvement in their staff productivity and development.