1.Introduction #

LearnDash Refresher Course add-on allows the admin to define the expiration timeline for any course. The add-on also gives you the ability to set a grace period, after which the progress of the course will be reset.

2.Plugin Features #

  • Define an expiration period (in months) for courses and certification.
  • Define a grace period (in months) for courses and certification.
  • Remove course or certification progress
  • Remove unenrolled users.
  • Option to enable/disable refresher for individual courses.
  • View logs for course completion.
  • Send a reminder email to admin and users.
  • Custom email option with predefined variables.
  • Migrate course completion data.

3.Requirements #

  • LearnDash plugin

4.Plugin Setup #

  • Go to LearnDash 🡪 Courses.
  • Add New or Edit Course.

  • Option to enable the refresher (course retake) for the course.
  • Course expiration period in months (After X months this course certificate will expire).
  • Grace period (A notice period that the plugin will send retake emails for students when reached to give them sufficient time to retake the course)
  • Option for the action to be taken when grace period starts: 
  • Remove progress → Course is kept for the user in his profile and the user is enrolled but the course status changes.
  • Unenroll user → This can be used for courses that require payment on each retake.


5.Global Settings #

  • Go to LearnDash 🡪 Settings 🡪 Refresher History Settings.
  • Enter Default Values of Expiration Period and Grace Period (Global values are used if the admin didn’t provide the values per course).

6.Email Settings #

Send refresher emails (when the courses grace period starts to one or all of the following roles:

  • Group leaders
  • Students
  • Admin
  • Specific email

7.Data Migration #

  • Run data migration for existing data on the website upon first installment to migrate all existing users progress.

8.View History #

The plugin logs the date of courses completed for each user.

The system tracks the expiry date of each taken course. Before expiration by the defined grace period, the system will start to send the email notification to users.

When the expiry date is reached, the old certificate will be recorded in user history.

  • Go to LearnDash 🡪 Refresher History.
  • Click View History.

When expiry date is reached, User enrollment will be removed from course or user progress will be reset (based on settings for each course).

9.Shortcodes for user profile #

  • Add/ Edit Page or Post.
  • Place Shortcode.
  • For a listing of all courses that have certifications that will expire soon (in grace period) or are expired so that user can retake them again.

[ldrh_refresher_courses_notifications show_lists='all' expiration_title='Expired Courses' grace_title='Grace Courses' days_left=1]

10.Values to use for each parameter #

parameter values
show_lists=’all’ All → view both expired and in grace period courses
grace → View only grace period courses
expired → View only list of expired courses
expiration_title=’Expired courses’ This is used to set the title of the expired courses list
grace_title=’Grace Courses’ This is used to set the title of the courses in grace period list
days_left=1 If set to 1 → This will show a countdown for courses that are about to expire starting from grace period to expiry date.
user_id=x Set x to a specific user id if you want to view their expired or in grace period courses list.

If a user retakes the course, the new certificate will show with new dates, and the refresher date will be pushed for another period. Old certificate and data will be stored in user meta as history.

Shortcode to view all certificates of courses (Expired and current certificates) [ldrh_user_course_history  title=’Courses History’ courses_label=’Courses’]

11.FrontEnd View #

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