Why Is Refresher Training Vital To Regain Lost Knowledge & Unused Skills?

Our memory is like a muscle, and the only way to strengthen it is to find new ways to challenge it. When it comes to remembering information, It really doesn’t matter who you are because your brain is programmed to recall memories that have been most useful to us, and the rest is dumped; it’s that simple.

Why Is Refresher Training Vital To Regain Lost Knowledge & Unused Skills--66

Recent research suggested that approximately 56% of all information is forgotten within an hour, 66% is lost after a day, and 75% after six days.

Learning new things is just as useful as relearning old things or going back to the basics. This is where you need a refresher course that is designed to review the fundamentals that you might’ve forgotten over time.

How to recall lost knowledge or unused skills?

We often underestimate the power of our brain to recall information saved in our long-term memory. All we need to do is go through that particular topic or subject again to master it once more.

Have you ever experienced that even a specific fragrance or cup of coffee reminds you of several associated memories, events, people, and spoken words long ago?

This happens to you just because you refresh your memory with a powerful recalling agent. YES! Refreshing your memory to regain lost knowledge or unused skill is possible and an effective way to keep you on a professional track. REFRESHER TRAINING has already helped hundreds of thousands of people to regain lost knowledge and unused skills.

What Is refresher training?

Refresher Training is a training program that reviews and revisits concepts that are still relevant. It helps restore an employee’s old skills and knowledge, which would otherwise be lost or forgotten due to lack of use.

Overall, it seeks to keep the knowledge fresh and maintained in their memory despite taking in new learning concepts. Anyone can benefit from refresher training, regardless of their expertise and years of professional experience.

Why is refresher training important for everyone?


  1. It reduces mistakes and errors by an incredible margin. Slips and inaccuracies happen at work, even to your best employees. There are significant ways to minimize them. Revisiting fundamental concepts can help employees reconnect with lost knowledge and correct performance lapses.
  2. Refresher training also enables stronger memory retention. Our brains automatically offload information that is no longer useful. According to the Forgetting Curve by Herman Ebbinghaus, memories are bound to fade in just a matter of weeks if no attempts have been made to retain them. A frequent refresher training will counteract these effects and ensure that no skills will be lost over time.
  3. Reinforcing regular refresher training can help achieve better regulatory compliance too. Keeping the employees on top of the industry standards and regulations and the company policies and procedures builds harmony and consistency. Plus, it protects your company from the most brand-damaging breaches in the future, so it stays at the forefront of the market competition.

Plugins that can provide efficient refresher training

There are several WordPress plugins and add-ons available to help you in providing Refresher Training, but LMSExperts’s LearnDash Refresher Course add-on is the most preferred add-on among all.

What’s LearnDash Refresher Course add-on, and what can it do for you

LearnDash Refresher Course add-on allows the admin to define the expiration timeline for any course. The add-on also gives you the ability to set a grace period, after which the progress of the course will be reset.

Encourage users to retake their certification – LearnDash Refresher Course add-on notifies users (via email) when their courses or certifications are close to their expiration date.

Migrate data – The data migration functionality allows you to migrate existing data from the website, including existing users’ progress.

LearnDash Refresher Course add-on features:
  • Define an expiration period (in months) for courses and certification.
  • Define a grace period (in months) for courses and certification.
  • Remove course or certification progress.
  • Remove unenrolled users.
  • Option to enable/disable refresher for individual courses.
  • View logs for course completion.
  • Send a reminder email to admin and users.
  • Custom email option with predefined variables.
  • Migrate course completion data.

How Does LearnDash Refresher Course Add-on Setting Works?

LearnDash Refresher Course add-on is quite a simple add-on with relevant functionalities. Admin can set expiration period, grace period, view refresher history, migrate courses, and much more.

1. Set Expiration Period:

Set Expiration Period

2. View User’s Refresh History:

View User’s Refresh History

3. Migrate Courses:

Migrate Courses

4. Front-End View:

Front End View

Wrapping Up!


The refresher training program is intended to follow up, refresh and extend the knowledge and skills acquired during the initial training session. LearnDash Refresher Course add-on helps the admin to set expiration periods for courses and certifications.